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The Grand Grandioso Night of UTAR

First of all, I would like to apologize for this terribly late update on the blog. Have been caught up with my studies so yeah. Here we go.

Well, what actually is Grandioso? Grandioso just means Grand in Italian. The Grandioso team hope to bring the feel of grandness to UTARians where you can actually feel you're in an actual prom night organized by those bigger organizations. On the other hand, Grandioso is also the first prom night brought to you by the Faculty of Science.

     If you didn't know, the Grandioso team is working with the Ipoh Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals or in short, the ISPCA. They are trying their very best to raise as much funds as they could for them. For the little ones there. They need our help. They need your help. For those who went to Grandioso, I thank you for helping the little ones. You have my gratitude. You're awesome.

     Oh by the way, this is the first Cuvae Event's sponsor project. Yay =D Before going on to Grandioso, I would like to have a short one about ISPCA. ISPCA as mentioned above is Ipoh Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals. They are located at Lot 38642, 4 1/2 Miles Stone,Jalan Gopeng,31300 Ipoh, Perak. Anyone who's interested may go to the address given to have a look for themselves.

     Lets talk about the preparation day. It is on the 8th of March which is the Friday before the actual date of Grandioso. On that day, Grandioso's committee gathered at Heritage Hall at 6pm.Well, as usual people are late, so the ones who are there was requested that the hall is to be cleared. The hall is full of chairs which the PTPTN officers used before this. In less than an hour, the chairs have been cleared and all the remaining committee also have arrived. The chairman,Vui Kit called for a briefing for all who are present to tell them what should be done by that night.
The chairman. Vui Kit. 

Briefing from Chairman and Vice-Chairman
     In this briefing, the decoration team, logistic setup team is then briefed on what they should do and complete. Besides that, the sound and light team will also be arriving around 8pm to setup their stuff.
The sound and light team
     And oh, Cuvae's team have already gathered there by 7pm. Upon reaching the venue, we surveyed the venue where we took some photos and then left the hall when their work is not done yet. I applaud to their willingness to sacrifice their time and putting what they have into the preparation.

     On the actual date, the committees gathered at 7am. Wow they are early aren't they? Since they went back that late at night on the day before. Oh wait. It's that day's morning. Oops. Well, the Cuvae's only gathered there at 10am. A bit late aren't we? Heh. Before we arrived, the committee resumed their work which includes the floor setup and also the left out decorations. When we arrived there, wola! The work has reach the point of 80% from completion.

     With the arrival of emcees and performers at 11.30am, they proceed to their rehearsal. They have to do it without the sound and light since the ones in charge is not here yet. And before i forget, i remember some of the emcees giving suggestions besides listening to the program flow. Such brilliant guys, hope they would work with us one day. =P It is such a relief that the sound and light team came in at 12.30pm and finished up their work within a hour's time. And here goes the full rehearsal which lasted till 2.30pm. Hurray! We're done with the rehearsal. Lets go for lunch. I'm starving. Oops. I mean we're all starving. But sadly, the committees have to gather back at the hall by 5pm. While we the Cuvae's can linger around for another hour before starting our work. By 6pm, we're ready to rock n' roll. Photographers, take place, arm your weapons and to war we go! Oh what? What war? Ah, i meant that the photographers setup their equipments and get ready to record and snap alright. Ain't no war going on in UTAR. Don't worry about that. Absolutely safe. 

Deng deng deng deng, here comessss the Grandioso night.

     At sharp 6.30, the registration is open. Participants flow in like water through a stream. The list gets filled up as they one by one, pair by pair or group by group proceeds to the outer layer of the hall. At the same time, nomination of Prom King and Queen has already started as well. Dinner is served! At 7pm, a buffet dinner is served. This buffet dinner is prepared by Jamie Choi Food Catering which the contact if you need can be acquired from anyone of the staffs of Cuvae. At the same time, the VIP and also the performers arrives at the Heritage Hall. By 7.30, those who had their dinner and is ready for a performance is then seated in Heritage Hall.

Electro Shock and their groovy moves
     The Tango Chocolate team started their dance performance by the group named Electro Shock.They are one of the group competitors from 无限极 which is a dancing competition organized by Astro.
Right after the dance show, a mini quiz is then held. Winners of this quiz obtained bag of goodies from Tango Chocolate.

It is then passed to Ryan Foo Joe where he performed 我的歌声里 and also Fantastic Baby.   

After the short performance, the opening ceremony is here. The opening speech is made by Vui Kit, chairman of Grandioso and also Dean who is representing Faculty of Science 

After both of them were invited to the stage and have finished their speech, the VIP is then invited to insert the key into the grandioso box 

This activates the moving head which projects an image where the word Grandioso is written on it.
This is it. The Grandioso

Applause was given as the moving head projects the image and hence starts the Grandioso night. It starts with the dog runway. Various models brought out dogs which goes up to 8 dogs were involved in this runway.
The models with the cute little doggies

It is then continued with Bobo and Joshua Ang's singing of the song 一眼瞬间 and I won't give up. Followed up by Wendy whom song a mixture of songs with dance which involves both on stage and off stage.

Bobo and Joshua
Wendy and the galss

Drinks for everyone!
The night goes on with Hanson's piano performance and the guests are also reminded to vote for their favorite Prom King and Queen. It is then followed up with the incoming of mock tails  The mock tails were prepared as a token of thanks to the participants.
Hanson concentrating on the piano

Double Cheese Burger please! The Double Cheese Burger band group takes their position on stage and rocks the hall! For those who don't know them, they are made up of UTAR student which are studying or in alumni. They created this band to prove that the younger generation does appreciate real music.
Star war - miah(Jeremiah)
Ocean singing with passion
Eugene deeply engrossed in his guitar

After that, we invited the Dance Club to perform on and off stage. Their dance is just absolutely breathtaking.

The Masked Dance Club

A Latin dance is up next. The performers danced with elegance and energy. How long would i have to train to be able to dance like that?


The Prom King and Queen
In the Latin dance interval, the Prom King and Queen is then and prize was given away.

Last but not least. A salsa tutorial for all who is present! Participants and committees and everyone else is to take part in this tutorial where basic salsa steps are taught.

The salsa couple

And it is time for "Save the last dance"! After that, everyone starts to disperse one by one. With a smile on their face of course. 

Save the last dance!

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